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Two different places of Beijing

The valley of your Ming Tombs lies concerning 48 kilometers (30 miles) north with Beijing. Thirteen of that 16 Ming emperors are interred here, hence this site’s Chinese name, Ming Shisanling (your 13 Ming Tombs). We chose here to visit after Forbidden City Tour. The tombs were located according to Chinese geomantic specifications requiring graves being protected by high ground.
The approach is impressive. The modern road passes by the stone portico with five carved archways. This is the beginning of imposing route known as being the Spirit (or Holy way). Next comes the great Vermilion Gateway of its three openings the central entrance was reserved for any coffins of deceased emperors, and all followers were required to dismount now. The feeling of this tour was absorlutely different from Forbidden City Tours. The whole tomb web site, to which this gateway was that entrance, was of course surrounded by the wall, now gone.
The Summer Palace is a monument to classical Chinese architecture, in terms of both garden design together with construction. In December 1998, it was eventually inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO, which commented the following:
1) The Summer time Palace in Beijing can be an outstanding expression of that creative art of Far eastern landscape garden design, incorporating the works involving humankind and nature within a harmonious whole;
2) The summertime Palace epitomizes the philosophy and practice of Chinese garden design, which played an important role in the development from this cultural form throughout your east; in my opinion, we should plan to start this tour as soon as end beijing Forbidden City Tour.
3) That imperial Chinese garden, illustrated by the Summer Palace, can be a potent symbol of one of many major world civilizations.
At the present time, the summertime Palace has become one of many top famous tourist attractions in Beijing and The far east. Two different places of Beijing

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